Parr Instrument Co. 2 L jacketed high pressure stirred reactor with round integral windows (up to 3,000 psi)

Wainbee CO2 gas booster pump

Fine Bubble Technologies Ltd MK1 Nanobubbler

ZEISS Smartproof 5 widefield confocal 3D microscope equipped with a Linkam cooling & heating stage

VersaSTAT 3F potentiostat galvanostat

Sterlitech CF042 forward osmosis setup (acrylic)

VWR Incubating 3500 Orbital Shakers

Fridge (-10 to 25 °C) and Freezer (from -10 to -40 °C)

Multifuge™ X4R Pro-MD refrigerated centrifuge (-10 to +40 °C)

Freezer mill

Vacuum oven

Hamilton Microlab 600 auto-diluter

At the same time, we also have access to crushing-grinding facilities in our Department as well as to advanced analytical equipment including XRF, FTIR, UV-VIS, SEM, EDX, MP-AES, and ICP-OES.